Admiring an environment furnished with richly carved accessories is a joy for the eyes, which willingly are lost amidst the soft curves of the wood. Art, fashion, culture and innovation wrapped together in the warm glow of ethnicity that’s exactly what Royal Carving Furniture is all about.

The technique of hand carving the wood is used to sculpt ornate furniture, frames for mirrors and beds, dining sets, dining table and chairs. This work is still done completely by hand, guaranteeing the uniqueness of each piece of furniture.

Teak wood is common choices of wood by SiftMart due to its high quality and hardness. The eye catching pattern of grain in teak wood gives carving its distinct uniqueness in every single furnishing item. Richness in royalty and commitment to quality has been our motivative and goal.


Modern assortment offers a much needed functional and stylish purpose. Whether for lounging, for eating on or simply acting as an accent piece in a room, you’ll and every type of furniture you need by SiftMart. Modern furniture is designed with human factors in mind, and that in itself makes them a smart and practical choice for many.

Modern furniture designs are more straightforward, they boast of plenty of appealing and practical features, including their functionality that precedes their form, their quality of being adjustable and simple, and their emphasis on neatness over being decorative.

Modern furniture makes use of neutral or earthy colors, making them easier to blend with various interior designs. Sophisticated designs offered by SiftMart , and variety of Quality stuff incorporated on furniture gives you an opportunity to be the part of modern lifestyle.


Customization permits you to acquire your desired creation. SiftMart is the online platform which allows you to get the desired creation by just sharing your idea with the help of picture, dimensions, fabrics & polish.

We make it easy to customize furniture of your dreams. SiftMart is online custom furniture store. So go ahead and share your custom furniture ideas with us on given WhatsApp number and let your imagination becomes the creation.


International trade is a great source to enhance your business. SiftMart offers B2B services. Different kind of inco terms can be used for deals .To ensure payment safety for both buyer and seller , safer payment terms will be usable example. LC (letter of credit). Less then container load can also be shipped as per buyers requirement.

Moreover consumer can directly contact SiftMArt for furnishing items and get shipment at their door steps in any Country.

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